05 June 2020
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Abdul Mahdi Reveals Iraqi Mediation between Washington-Tehran

Friday, 17 May 2019 04:51

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi has described the Iranian-US dispute as 'complex'. Speaking to journalists at a news conference on Tuesday after his weekly cabinet meeting, Abdul Mahdi said Baghdad was communicating regularly with Tehran and Washington in an attempt to reduce tensions.

Iran and the US are not willing to enter a war, and Iraq is seeking to solve the crisis. 

“The Iran-US dispute is a complex one and we are making an effort to find a way out of the crisis,” he added.

Abdul Mahdi revealed that he held three phone calls with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo before his visit to Iraq to discuss the regional issues and Iraq's role in preventing the crisis.

The Iraqi PM said he was getting indications from talks with both the US and Iran that "things will end well" despite the current ramping up of rhetoric from both sides.

In this context, member of the parliamentary foreign relations committee Furat al-Tamimi affirmed that the parliament backs the government’s approach in this field. 

Tamimi told Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that Iraq will be damaged the most from the US-Iranian conflict. 

He stressed that Iraq is linked with the US in the Strategic Framework Agreement plus that the US is a key state in fighting ISIS, adding that the Iraqi-Iranian ties are geographically, politically and economically interrelated. 

Tamimi continued that the Iraqi interest should be placed first, noting that the region cant handle more conflicts and escalation.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov agreed on Tuesday to improve their relations, reach “quick solutions” in Syria and de-escalate tension in Idlib. 

"I raised our concerns about the escalation of the situation around Idlib," Pompeo said.

The two men met Tuesday in the Black Sea city of Sochi in hopes of finding common grounds in strategic issues, including Iran and Syria.

The US official said he discussed with Lavrov the general situation in Syria. 

"We both want to move forward on the political track to bring the suffering of the Syrian people to an end,” he said. 

Despite the presence of several pending files between the two sides, Lavrov said that Washington and Moscow should put aside years of mistrust and find a way to work together constructively and to continue bilateral consultations on several issues, including the need to eliminate terrorism in Syria and support the full implementation of the UN Security Council resolution 2254.

"On Syria, we spoke about the need to fully implement resolution 2254, its key provision being respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria," he added. 

The two officials had met last week in Finland at a meeting of the eight-member Arctic Council. 

Lavrov said he agreed with Pompeo to continue consultations based on the existing contacts between the two sides. 

“We checked our positions on a number of important aspects relating to the complete eradication of terrorism from the Syrian territories, providing conditions to resettle refugees, resolving humanitarian issues and launching political process in the framework of forming a constitutional committee. We believe that this institution will be able to start working in Geneva soon, under the auspices of the UN,” he remarked.

Source: Ashrq Al-Awsat

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